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Sunday, 14 June 2009

Application for Building Plan Approval

Document required
  • Application letter using original letter head indicating application reference and proposed construction.
  • A copy of landownership or land title which has been certified as true copy by Commissioner of Oaths or Justice of Peace.
  • Copies of valid documents such as power of attorney/sales and purchase agreement/tenancy agreement if the owner is different from the list of names in the landownership or land title.
  • Six (6) sets of building plans properly arranged and folded in A4 size which has been prepared by a professional consultant (i.e. architect/engineer or registered draughtsman in accordance to their respective limitations for submission of building plans).
General information to be indicated in the plan
  1. Title of the plan should contain the following:-

    1. Type of building
    2. Total number of units
    3. Total number of floors
    4. Lot number/land title number
    5. Road/Street name
    6. Section name
    7. Names of owner and company
    8. Address of building owner
  2. Building plan should be complete with the following information:-

    1. Well defined location plan and clear site plan with a scale of not less than 1:1000 or more, whichever is suitable. Name of road/street leading to the proposed site should be shown in the location plan.
    2. Floor plan, vertical elevation plan (front, rear and side), section and roof plans with a scale of 1:100 or 1:200 (according to building size).
    3. Drainage and sewerage layout plan should be indicated clearly in the site plan.
    4. Road layout plan, entrance road access and vehicle parking lots together with traffic flow shown either in the site plan or separately.
    5. Indicate calculation on: plot ratio, calculation of vehicle parking lots (car, motorcycle and lorry where relevant), volume capacity of solid waste disposal area
    6. Indicate clearly building set backs from land boundary in compliance with DBKK requirements.
    7. Indicate clearly calculation of building floor area in accordance with usage such as residential, office, commercial, and others for the purpose of calculation of plan processing fee.
  3. All plans must be signed by the consultant, building owner and land owner and all signatures must be original signatures.
  4. All drawings must be coloured.
  5. Form B1 should be completed and stamped on the first page of every set of building plans submitted.
Flow chart of the process of application for building plan approval

1 Consultant prepares the plan and submits to DBKK.
2 Plan checked for compliance of basic requirements for submission of plan.
3A If incomplete, prepare letter of non-compliance and return to consultant.
3B If complied, open file, calculate plan processing fee and send payment notice to consultant.
4 Circulate plan to relevant departments, i.e. Jabatan Bomba, Health Department and other departments, where necessary.
Jabatan Bomba, Health Department and other departments give comments regarding the plan.
Plan will be checked and if there are complications or the case is not “straight forward” one, the plan will be referred to the Building Plans Committee.
7A If does not comply with requirements, letter requesting revision will be prepared and sent to the consultant.
If complies with requirements, approval letter will be prepared.
8 The consultant will be contacted to collect the building plan which has been endorsed with approval.
9 The approved plan is filed.

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