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Plans drawn for extensions, renovation and conversions prepared on a computer aided design system (AutoCAD). I am able to provide a service to individuals and building and architectural companies. This service would typically include client consultations, preparing technical drawings of the proposed works and building construction specifications, submission of plans to Local Authority for approvals under the Town and Country Planning Act, the Building Regulations and listed building consent. Plans also drawn to Land Registry compliant standards. E-mail me now! to discuss your architectural drafting design needs. Send your e-mail and i'll be happy to return your questions by e-mail.

Thursday, 10 June 2010




1. Covering Letter stating the nature of proposal (registered Arkitek/Engineer/Building Draughtsman).

2. Minimum 6 – sets of properly folded in A4 size building plan for new submission/

Minimum 4 – sets for revised plan submission (preferred A1 size).

3. All building plans shalls be coloured and legend of colour scheme shall be shown.

4. Every plan shall bear the original signature of consultant/developer/owner/tenant

(printed signature will not be accepted).

5. Name and correspondence address clearly stated on the plan.

6. *Certified true copy of land title and/or other legal documents i.e power of attorney/sales and purchase agreement/tenancy agreement to show ownership of the land/building

And to clarify the authority to submit plans

Photocopy should be certified true copy by a qualified Lawyer or Commissioner of Oaths.

7. Form (B1) for certification of building plan is endorsed and completed on the first page of the building plan.

8. Well-defined location plan and site plan included. *For individual lot, the location plan should follow the local plan layout in order easy to verify the zoning.

9. Building plan submission’s form completed and attached together with the building plan.

(for new building only).

10. *For amendment building plan submission, the amendment notes should be shown and the amended portions should be highlighted clearly on the plan.

11. Reserve a space of 10cm x 15cm (4” x 6”) on the right hand side of every page of building plans above the job title for City Hall’s use i.e for endorsing the approval of plan

*Delete whichever not relevant

Other comments:




**Building plans will not be considered/processed until the fees prescribed under By-Law 167 of Building By-Law 1951 have been paid. Fees should be paid within 1 week from the date of notice.

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